Atelier Editors

Atelier provides the following editors, which enable you to edit the files that make up an Atelier application.

Editor Associated File Types
Atelier CLS Editor Class files (.cls)
Atelier INC Editor Include files for routines (.inc)
Atelier INT Editor Intermediate files produced when routines are compiled (.int)
Atelier MAC Editor Routine source files (.mac)
Atelier Web Editor Files used in Atelier web applications(.csp, .js, .htm, .html).

You can invoke any of these editors by opening a file of the associated type. For example, ways to invoke the class editor include:

You can also open files on the server in read-only mode by clicking on the name of the file in the Server Explorer. The editor uses a different background color to indicate that the file resides on the server, and cannot be edited. To edit server files, you must first copy them to a project in an Atelier workspace.

The Atelier CLS editor provides specialized features for editing Atelier source code, including:

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