Atelier Projects

An Atelier project is the top-level container of all the source files and related resources for an application or feature. All Atelier resources must be part of a project.

In many cases, a project is stored as a directory in your workspace on your client machine's local file system. To find the local file path for any resource in your workspace, right-click the item and select Properties from the context menu. The line labeled Location on the Resource page shows the file path. This line is circled in the following image. This information is also available in the Properties view. Click the button to the right (Show in system explorer button) to see the file in the local file system.

Properties window

The Project Explorer shows the project contents as they are stored on the local file system. The Atelier Explorer provides a logical view of the project, grouping source files by type. Within projects, Atelier reflects the package organization of the code. For more information on packages, see Package Options.You can use sub-directories in the project directory to further organize resources. By default, recources in a package are grouped in a directory named for the package. The resources in a project should be logically related to each other. If a project contains an very large number of files, Atelier performance can suffer.

Each project is associated with a server connection. Source code in the project is sent to this server to be compiled, run, and debugged.

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