Atelier Server Connection

Atelier project resources are stored and edited on your client machine's local file system. However, developed code is compiled and run on a database server instance. Therefore, every Atelier project must be associated with a database server represented by a server connection.

A server connection is defined by all relevant instance properties required for the client to communicate with the server. You can create a connection prior to or during creation of an Atelier project. Required properties include:

Atelier supports connections to servers for both InterSystems IRIS and Caché databases. If you use connections to InterSystems IRIS servers, you may need to perform additional configuration on the Eclipse instance. See Configuring Atelier for InterSystems IRIS Connections.

The Server Explorer view lists all available server connections and lets you explore the content available on each connection. You can open the Opens the Connection Configuration wizard Server Connection Configuration wizard directly from Server Explorer view by clicking the New Connection button (Add connection) in the view toolbar. You can also launch the Server Connection Configuration wizard from the Opens the new Atelier project wizard New Atelier Project wizard by clicking the Configure server... link. The Edit Connection command on the Atelier Explorer and Server Explorer context menus opens the Server Connection Configuration wizard in edit mode so that you can modify an existing connection. You can use the Opens the Rapair Configuration wizard Repair Connection wizard to change the connection associated with an existing project.

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