Editing Web Applications

Atelier provides some capability for editing web content. The Atelier Web Editor uses the JavaScript and HTML parsers provided by Atelier. It is primarily useful for editing .csp files, but provides simple coloring for JavaScript and HTML as well. The Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) provides a more powerful set of tools for web development. The WTP is part of the Eclipse IDE for JavaScript and Web Developers, which is the suggested Eclipse download for Atelier. The help topic Installing the Eclipse Web Development Tools tells you how to download and install these tools.

With the WTP installed, the additional editors HTML Editor and Web Page Editor are available for editing HTML files. However, these editors are not automatically available for the .csp files that are an important part of Atelier Web Applications. The help topic Editing HTML in CSP Files tells you how to configure Atelier to use web development tools for .csp files.

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