Minimum Required Privileges

Atelier users need to use InterSystems products, such as InterSystems IRIS, Caché or Ensemble, for certain development tasks. Typical tasks include compilation, code testing and debugging. Atelier gains access to these products through a connection to a database server, configured in Atelier.

In order to successfully create a connection, users need certain permissions. At a minimum, the user must be allowed to connect to the /api/atelier Web Application and a namespace. By default, the /api/atelier Web Application requires the %Developer role. To connect to the namespace, the user must have read/write access, controlled by the resource associated with the database the namespace points to. Typically, this might be the %DB_DEFAULT resource, or a different resource that your System Administrator has created.

If you are using InterSystems IRIS for Health, your user needs to include the %DB_CUSTOM and %DB_HSLIB roles, in addition to %Ens_Developer to access all Interoperability features available from Atelier.

Please check with your System Administrator, if that is someone other than yourself, to determine the permissions required to create an Atelier Server connection.