Navigating the Atelier Workbench

The set of UI tools you interact with when using Atelier is referred to as the Workbench. It displays content in viewing areas in the window. Views are grouped into view stacks in a viewing area. The maximize, minimize, and restore buttons let you control visibility of the stacks. Each stack can be in one of three states:

Each visible view stack has controls in the view toolbar to iconify and maximize the group of views. The following image shows the overall structure of the Atelier window. The iconify and maximize controls in the editor area are circled in red:

Atelier window structure

When views are stacked together, each is presented in a separate tab. Every view has a toolbar containing commands that apply to the view. The following image shows the the Atelier Explorer view and its toolbar:

Structure of a stack

When you maximize a view stack, all the other views are minimized to icons in the window trim. In the following image, the stack containing the Atelier Explorer, Server Explorer, and Project Explorer has been maximized and all other views appear as icons:

View stack maximized

If the viewing area is not large enough to show all the tabs it contains, you see a double arrow and the number of hidden tabs. Click on the arrow to show a list of views, with the names of the hidden views in bold. You can type text to filter this list. The following image shows a view stack with two hidden views:

View stack two hidden views

The Quick Access and Perspective bars help you navigate quickly to UI elements. They are located in the upper-right corner of the window, as the following image shows:

Quick access and perspective bars

The Perspective bar lets you select from recently used perspectives, or open a new perspective. Typing into the Quick Access filter field opens a list of UI elements, filtered for what you have typed, as shown in the next image:

Quick access filter

The Atelier toolbar is a useful way to get to frequently-used commands. It occupies the upper-left corner of the window, as illustrated:

Atelier toolbar

The exact content of the toolbar varies depending on what perspective is in use.