Using the Welcome Page

The first time you run Atelier, it starts with a Welcome page that gives a quick overview of features and resources. The content of the Welcome page depends on the plug-ins installed in Eclipse. For example, this is the Welcome page for the JavaScript and Web Developer version of Eclipse. To view content for Atelier, click on the Overview button.

Welcome page

The Welcome system offers features that you might not notice. Note the set of buttons in the upper-right corner of the window:

Welcome page upper-right controls

They help you use the Welcome pages in the following ways:

The arrow labeled Workbench displays the workbench, reducing the Welcome navigation buttons to small icons in a launch bar at the bottom of the Atelier window, as shown in the following image:

Welcome navigation minimized

You can restore any of the Welcome pages by selecting the corresponding icon in the launch bar.

Initially, the Welcome page occupies the entire Atelier window. Clicking on the Restore button (Restore button) reduces the size of the Welcome page so you can see other views in the window:

Welcome page in standby mode

Clicking on the Maximize button (Maximize button) puts the Welcome page back to the full window. Clicking on the Minimize button (Minimize button) reduces the Welcome page to an icon and restore button in the trim at the edge of the Atelier window:

Welcome page minimized

You can always restore the Welcome pages by selecting Help > Welcome from the main menu.