Introduction to Atelier

The InterSystems Atelier IDE is an Eclipse plug-in which brings together the powerful and popular Eclipse development environment and InterSystems database technology. The following resources can help you get started using Atelier:

Because Atelier is an Eclipse plug-in, a working knowledge of Eclipse can help you understand Atelier. The Eclipse Workbench User Guide, especially the topic Basic tutorial, provides an introduction to the set of development tools and features referred to as the Eclipse workbench.

Many of the software development-oriented features described in Java Development User Guide for Java development are also used by Atelier. Additional resources on application development with Eclipse are available in books and on the Internet, and you may also find them helpful.

If you have not previously worked with InterSystems technology, you may find that ObjectScript development differs from development in other languages. For general information on development with InterSystems technology, see the InterSystems Product Documentation, especially the Development Guides, which discuss application development.

The help topic Updating and Extending Atelier discusses how to use the Eclipse upgrade mechanism to update your version of Atelier and install additional Eclipse plug-ins.