Select Window > Preferences from the main menu. The Opens the Atelier caching preference page Atelier > Caching preference page lets you set preferences related to caching.

Option Description Default
Cache update interval (s)

Determines how often, in seconds, Atelier polls the server to see if code on the server has changed. If code has changed since the last time Atelier polled the server, you see a warning marker on files that are now out of sync, with further information in the Problems list.

This interval is most important in scenarios where multiple developers are connected to the same server, but there are other situations where code on the server can change. For example, the function TuneTable can alter the storage definition of a class.

CSP file list update interval (s) Determines how often, in seconds, Atelier updates its list of CSP files with information from the server. 1000
Prefetch files content When selected, all documents from the namespace referenced by a connection are downloaded to the client and kept up to date. Downloading these files gives faster document access, but consumes local disc space. It also provides you with a means to work with the files offline. Unselected
Prefetch index metadata When selected, downloads descriptions of all classes in the namespace, which improves response time of access to this information by eliminating the need for a round trip server. The descriptions include lists of members, superclasses and other data. Having this data available locally provides quicker content assist and navigation. Selected
Cache index chunk size The maximum size of a server request. When you request multiple documents, it is more effective to get them with one request. However, extremely large requests put a burden on the server which may make other requests slower. For example, prefetch procedures are much quicker when this parameter is large. 50

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