Select Window > Preferences from the main menu. The Opens the Atelier editor preference page Atelier > Editors preference page lets you set the Atelier editor preferences.

Option Description
Tab policy
Determines how the editor handles spaces and tabs. Possible values are Spaces only, Tabs only, and Mixed. The default value is Tabs only.
Indentation size
The number of spaces by which lines of code are indented. The default value is 4.
Displayed tab size
The number of spaces used to display a tab character. The default value is 4.
Highlight matching braces If selected, the editor visually marks the delimiters, such as braces or parentheses, that immediately enclose the cursor position. The default value is Selected.
Appearance color options This tool lets you customize colors used for various editor features. When you select an item in the list the color field to the right displays the current color. Click on the color field to open a color chooser.

Code Completion

This sub-page of the Editors preferences page lets you control whether generated classes appear in the suggestions offered by code completion. By default, generated classes are excluded.


This sub-page of the Editors preferences page lets you configure smart automatic edits. Select or clear the check box to enable or disable the associated behavior.

Option Description
"Strings" When selected, the closing double quote is added automatically when you type the opening quote.
(Parentheses) When selected, the closing parenthesis is added automatically when you type the opening parenthesis.
Braces When selected, the editor performs matching and indentation of curly braces. This means that under the following conditions:
  • the cursor is positioned following an opening curly brace
  • the brace is the last non-whitespace character on a line
  • the brace belongs to a Method, ClassMethod, Trigger or Query
The editor performs the following actions when you press enter:
  • inserts a blank line below the opening brace
  • leaves the cursor on the blank line indented one space more than the opening brace
  • inserts a closing brace on a separate line following the blank line, indented to the same level as the opening brace

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