Save Settings

Select Window > Preferences from the main menu. The Opens the Atelier Save Settings preference page Atelier > Save Settings preference page lets you set preferences that control how Atelier behaves when saving files.

Action Description
Save action This drop-down list lets you select how a Save action on the client interacts with the server:
Saves the file only on the client, leaving the version on the server unchanged. This setting is useful if you want to control when changes are synchronized with the server. You can use the Atelier Explorer context menu selection Compare With > Server's Copy to review changes you have made during an editing session prior to synchrinizing to the server.
Save and Synchronize
Saves the file on the client and pushes it to the server. If the client version conflicts with the version on the server, the synchronization wizard opens to let you resolve the conflicts.
Save, Synchronize and Compile
Saves the file on the client, pushes it to the server, and compiles it. If necessary, the synchronization wizard opens to let you resolve conflicts. This is the default value.
Ignore conflicts when synchronizing This check box controls whether Atelier lets you resolve conflicts between the client and server versions of the source. If selected, Atelier never opens the Resolve Version Conflict wizard, and the version of source on the client overwrites that on the server regardless of any conflicts that may exist. The default value is unselected.
Automatically save files with unsaved changes on synchronize or compile. Prevents you from performing compile or synchronize operations with changes unsaved on the client.

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