Atelier Search Tab

The Atelier tab in the Search dialog allows you to perform basic text searches in a specified namespace on any configured server connection, and returns results in the Search view.

You can open the Search dialog by selecting Search > Search from the main menu bar or clicking the search button (Search) in the main toolbar. A drop-down on the search button lets you direct the dialog to open with the Atelier tab selected, as shown in the following screen shot.


The following fields and controls make up the search tab.

Option Description
Containing text Enter the string to search for. You can use the special characters asterisk (*) to represent any string and question mark (?) to represent any character. The default value is whatever text was selected in the editor when the search tab opened.
Case sensitive If selected, the search is case sensitive.
Regular expression If selected, the text provided in Containing text is interpreted as a regular expression.
Whole word If selected, the text provided in Containing text is interpreted as a whole word.
File name patterns A comma-separated list of file name patterns that specify types of files to search. For example, *.cls searches only Atelier class (*.cls) files. The default value is *, which searches all files.
Choose... Opens a drop-down you can use to select from a long list of common file extensions.


Defines the scope of the search.

The first field provides a drop-down list of available connections:namespace pairs. Select the namespace and connection you want to search.

Search in system items
If selected, extends the search to include system items.
Search in generated items
If selected, extends the search to intermediate files generated during compilation.

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