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The Atelier class and routine editors support the Eclipse content assist mechanism. When you type the content assist keystrokes, CTRL+Space, the editor opens a dialog box listing possible completions given the context of the current cursor position. An additional dialog box provides documentation for the selected item. You can use the mouse or the keyboard (Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Page Up, Page Down, Home, End, Enter) to navigate and select a line in the list. Clicking or pressing Enter on a selected line inserts the selection into the editor.

For example, if you have added a class method to a class using a template, and you are filling in the template variables, you can use content assist to suggest completions for the return type, as the following image illustrates:

Atelier editor showing a content assist window at the cursor position

Content assist for macros, which are introduced by $$$ syntax, relies on processing on the server to generate completion suggestions. This reliance on communication with the server means performance is limited by the network connection speed.

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