Configuring an External Webserver

If you need to use Atelier with an external webserver, you must ensure that both the webserver and the CSP gateway properly configured.

Configure the hosting webserver to serve requests made to /api through the CSP gateway. The exact process for doing this depends on which of the CSP gateway configuration options you are using for the webserver. CSP gateway configuration is covered in the CSP Gateway Configuration Guide sections for the gateway options. For example, for Apache using the Dynamic Shared Object support, you can correctly configure the webserver by adding the following to the httpd.conf file:

<location /api>
   CSP On

To configure the CSP gateway, go to the configuration pages by selecting System Administration > Configuration > CSP Gateway Management on the management portal. On the Application Access page, either set the / application to use the instance that you are using with Atelier, or add a new entry for a /api application, and set to use the correct instance. For further information, see the section Configuring Application Access.

After you have taken these steps, Atelier should be able to connect through the external webserver by creating a new connection using the address and port number of the external webserver.

Note that configurations using the instance name as a prefix are not supported in Atelier 1.0.

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