Repair Connection

The Opens the Repair Configuration wizard Repair Connection wizard lets you change the server connection associated with a project. Use it if you need to change the connection associated with a project, or assign a server connection to a project whose connection has been deleted. You can open this wizard by selecting Change Connection in the Atelier Explorer context menu.

Option Description Default
Select the Project Select the check box to the left of each project name to choose projects to assign to a connection. You can also use the Select All and Deselect All buttons. Projects selected in the Atelier Explorer when this wizard was invoked.
Connection Select a server connection to associate with the selected projects. You can choose from a list of previously configured servers, or select Create new server connection, which opens the Connection Configuration wizard.  
Create new server connection... Opens the Server Connection Configuration wizard.  
Namespace Select from a list of namespaces available on the selected connection.  

Problems that arise when you repair a connection can indicate problems with secure storage. See Connections and Secure Storage on Mac Platforms.

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