New Empty Class

This page contains the following fields you can use to provide information about the new class:

Option Description Default
Project The project that contains the new file. Use the Browse button to select a project.

The Browse button opens a dialog that lists projects in the workspace. The text field at the top of the dialog lets you enter filter text to limit the list of projects.

The new file is created in the folder associated with the project, which is commonly a folder in the workspace with the same name as the project. In cases where the project was not created in the default location, the folder can have a different name and location. The Properties view shows the actual location in the file system for projects and files.
The currently selected project.
Package The name of the package associated with this file. Use the Browse button to search for a package.  User
Name The name of the class  
Filename The name of the new file. The class name with an appropriate extension.
Edit If selected, allows you to specify a filename other than the default. Unselected
Extends Lets you add one or more parent classes to the class definition. Use the radio buttons to select one of the commonly used parent classes. Click the More button to open the Filtered Class Selection dialog. It opens with a complete list of available classes. You can filter this list by typing in the field at the top of the form. The wizard selects class names that contain the string you type anywhere in the name. You can click on names in this list to select classes.

You can use the controls to the right to delete classes or move them up or down in the list. Classes are added to the class definition in the order they appear in the Extends field.
Description A description of the class. This text is added to the class as a special type of comment on the first line in the class file. Comments of this type are collected to create class documentation.  

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