New CSP File

The Opens the New CSP File wizard New CSP File wizard helps you create new Server Pages (CSP) files.

The wizard presents a list of possible locations for the new file. These locations reflect Web applications defined in the namespace associated with the project. The default Web application, which is always defined and available, is named for the namespace. For example, in the following illustration, the project MyProj is associated with the USER namespace. The default CSP file location is /csp/user. The locations /csp/webapp1 and /csp/webapp2 are also listed because Web applications /csp/webapp1 and /csp/webapp2 are defined in the USER namespace for the server used by this project.

Select the location for the Web application that uses the new CSP file. You must also supply a name in the File name field. You can create a subdirectory for the file by adding it to the beginning of the file name.

If subdirectories already exist, you see and select them in the wizard, as the following screen shot shows:

Once you have created a CSP file, you can see it listed in the Atelier Explorer in the appropriate folder, csp/webapp1 in this example:

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