New Atelier Project

The Opens the New Atelier Project wizard Atelier Project wizard helps you configure server connections.

Option Description Default
Project name Type a name for the new project.  
Use default location If selected, the Location field is disabled, and the location defaults to the current workspace. Selected
Location When you select Use default location, the New Atelier Project wizard creates a new project with the specified name in the workspace.

If you do not select Use default location, you can specify an alternate location for the project. In this case, the wizard analyzes the existing project and sets up the build path automatically. Click on Browse... to browse for a location.
Current workspace
Server Select a server to associate with this project. You can select from a list of previously configured servers, or select the Configure server button, which opens the Connection Configuration wizard.  
Namespace Select from a list of namespaces available on the selected server.  

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