Import files from XML

The Opens the Import Legacy XML File wizard Import Legacy XML File wizard enables you to import files from an XML representation to Atelier source.

Option Description Default
Select file A single file to import. The file can contain XML for more than one Atelier source file. Enter a file name or use the Browse button.  
Select directory A directory that contains XML files to import. Enter a directory name or use the Browse button.  
Files A list of the files to import. Click the check box at the left of each file name to select or deselect the file. You can also use the Select All or Deselect All buttons. All files in the file or directory are selected
Project The name of the target project for the imported files. Enter a project name or use the Browse button. The project must exist in the workspace. The currently selected project
Overwrite files Select this check box if imported files should overwrite files with the same name. Selected

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