Atelier Equivalents for Studio Actions

The following table summarizes steps to take in Atelier to accomplish frequently-used tasks in Studio. The keyboard shortcuts given are for Windows, except where noted otherwise, and may be different on other platforms. For more information on Atelier keyboard shortcuts, see Keyboard Shortcuts.

Task Studio Action Atelier Equivalent Atelier Keyboard Shortcut See also ...
Open Management Portal Select Management Portal from the Cube Right-click in the Server Explorer to open the context menu, and select Management Portal   Server Explorer Context Menu
Show line numbers. View > Show Line Numbers Window > Preferences > General > Editors > Text Editors. Select or clear the Show line numbers check box.   Atelier Editor Features: Line Numbers
Code completion assistance Immediately suggests completions as you type, unless explicitly disabled. You must type CTRL+SPACE to invoke content assist. CTRL+SPACE Editor Content Assist
Navigate to a specific line number. Edit > Go To, select Line Number Navigate > Go to Line; enter line number CTRL+L Atelier Editor Features: Line Numbers
Navigate to a routine label or class member. Edit > Go To, select Tag or Label Navigate > Go to Line; enter label or member name CTRL+L Code Navigation: Go To Line...
Editor Context Menu > Open Declaration F3 Atelier Editor Features: Open Declaration
Return from a navigation action. Edit > Go Back Navigate > Back
Navigate > Forward
Navigate > Last Edit Location
CTRL + left arrow (Windows) CMD + [ (Mac)
CTRL + right arrow (Windows) CMD + ] (Mac)
CTRL+Q (Windows and Mac)
Atelier Editor Features: Navigation Forward and Back
View code generated by the compiler, such as .int and .mac files. View Other Code Editor Context Menu > View Others CTRL+SHIFT+V Atelier Editor Features: View Others
Use the IDE in full screen mode. View > Full Screen Window > Appearance > Toggle Full Screen ALT + F11 Rearranging the Atelier Workbench
View class documentation. View > Show Class Documentation Window > Show View > Other > Atelier > Atelier Documentation   Atelier Documentation View
View a class as a Web page in a browser. View > Web Page View Web Page button on the main toolbar.   Atelier Editor Features: View Web Page
Watch values during debugging. View > Watch Variables and Expressions views in the Debug perspective   Running and Debugging an Atelier Application

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