Debugging an Atelier Application

In order to debug an Atelier application, you need a launch configuration. See Creating an Atelier Launch Configuration.

You can access a configuration in a number of ways, including:

  1. Right click on a class or routine file and select Debug As > Debug Configurations then select the configuration and clickDebug.
  2. Select Run > Debug Configurations... from the main menu bar, then select the configuration and click Debug.
  3. If you have used the configuration previously, select it from the Debug history button (debug history button) on the toolbar. Clicking the button runs the last-run configuration again, and the arrow to the right opens a list of recently-used configurations.

The exact actions you need to take to debug your code depend on the nature of your application and the problem you are trying to solve. The following steps provide a general outline of the process.

When you debug a launch configuration, the code stops at any breakpoints that have been set. To run without stopping at breakpoints, see Running an Atelier Application.

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