Creating an Atelier Launch Configuration

You need a launch configuration to run or debug an Atelier application. You can let Atelier generate a default configuration, or create one using the launch configuration wizard.

Creating a Default Configuration

Perform the following steps to run or debug a file using a default configuration:

  1. In the Atelier Explorer, right-click on a class file that contains a class method, or on a routine file with a .mac or .int extension. You cannot run or debug files with a .inc extension, and you cannot create a default configuration for a CSP file.
  2. From the right-click context menu, select Run As > Atelier Application or Debug As > Atelier Application.
  3. Atelier creates a default launch configuration using values derived from the file ane project:

Using the Configuration Wizard

Perform the following steps to create an Atelier launch configuration using the configuration wizard:

  1. Open the launch configuration dialog by selecting Goto the Run configuration dialog Run > Run Configurations... or Goto the Debug configuration dialog Run > Debug Configurations... from the main menu bar.
  2. Select Atelier Application from the list of possible configuration types. If you have created default configurations, they are listed here.
  3. Click the New button (New launch configuration) to create a new configuration.
  4. Enter a name for the configuration in the Name field. This is an arbitrary name that identifies this configuration.
  5. Enter values on the Connect tab.
  6. The Project field contains the name of the project that contains the file launched by this configuration. Enter the name or use the Browse button to select a project.
  7. The Timeout field specifies the length of time in seconds that Atelier waits for a reply after making a debugging request to the server. Leave the default value of 30. You can increase this value if the server is slow to respond.
  8. In the Entry Point section, select whether to launch a class method, routine, or CSP file.
  9. If you use a class method:
    1. In the Class Name field, enter the name of the class that contains the method you want to debug.
    2. In the Method Name field, enter the name of the method.
  10. If you use a routine:
    1. In the Routine field, enter the name of the routine you want to debug.
    2. In the Label field, you can enter a label in the routine that marks location where you want debugging to begin.
    3. In the Offset field, you can enter an offset into the routine to further specify the location where you want debugging to begin. The offset is calculated from the beginning of the routine, or from the label if you have specified one.
  11. If you use a CSP file, enter the URL of the file.
  12. If the class method or routine requires arguments, enter them in the Arguments field as a comma-separated list.
  13. Click Apply to save your changes.
  14. Click Run or Debug to launch the application.

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