Configuring a Server Connection

Perform the following steps to configure an Atelier server connection:

  1. In the Server Explorer view, click the New Connection button (Add connection) in the view toolbar, or click this link to open the Opens the connection configuration wizard Connection Configuration wizard.

  2. In the Connection Name field, enter a name that identifies this server connection. The connection name cannot contain spaces.

  3. In the Web Server Configuration section, use the Address field to enter the address of the host machine that is running the instance you want to connect to. Use the Web Port field to enter the WebServer port number used by that instance. The default values of these fields are localhost and 57772.
  4. In the Credentials section, use the Username and Password fields to enter user credentials for this connection. These credentials must be valid on the instance you have specified. In addition, the user must have the required minimum privileges. See Minimum Required Privileges.

  5. Use the Test Connection button to check the validity of the connection. A message appears to the right of the button, and in the title bar of the server connection dialog, that either reports success or provides an error message.

    If you see an error message that says: Prohibited authentication method "Unauthenticated" detected. it indicates that you are using the unsuppported authentication mode Unauthenticated. See Prohibited Authentication.

  6. When the configuration test is successful, click Finish.

If you use connections to servers for InterSystems IRIS, you may need to perform additional configuration on the Eclipse instance. See Configuring Atelier for InterSystems IRIS Connections.

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