Editing HTML in CSP Files

If you want more powerful tools for web development, you can download and install the Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP), as described in the help topic Installing the Eclipse Web Development Tools. Once you've installed the WTP, the HTML editor and the Web Page Editor are available for HTML files, but not for .csp files. The following steps describe how to configure Atelier so that these editors are available for .csp files.

First, you need to edit the File Associations preferences.
  1. Navigate to: Preferences > General > editors > File associations.
  2. In the File types section, use the Add... button to add *.csp.
  3. In the associated editors section, Use the Add... button to add HTML editor.
  4. At this time, you can also add Web Page Editor and Web Browser to the associated editors list for the *.csp file type.
  5. These editors are now available through the Open With list for *.csp files.

The File Associations help topic in the Eclipse Workbench User Guide provides more information on working with the File associations preference.

In order for these editors to work properly, you also need to edit the content type preferences.
  1. Navigate to: Preferences > General > Content Types.
  2. In the Content types section, open the Text node and select HTML.
  3. In the File Associations section, use the Add... button to add *.csp.
  4. If you return to the the File Associations preference, you can see that the HTML Editor for *.csp is listed as locked by HTML content type.

Having made these edits, you can easily open *.csp files with the HTML editor and the Web Page Editor. Csp-specific content generates warnings about unknown tags, but HTML editing features such as colorization are available.

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