Importing Atelier Source Files

Perform the following steps to import a file in XML format to Atelier:

  1. In the main menu, select File > Import > Atelier Import > Legacy XML File, or click this link to open the Opens the Import Legacy XML File wizard Import Legacy XML File wizard.
  2. Select either Select file or Select directory. Enter the name of the file or directory that contains the XML you want to import, or use the Browse button.
  3. The Files field lists all the source files in the directory or in the file. Use the check box to the left of the file name to select the files you want to import, or use the Select All and Deselect All buttons.
  4. In the Project field, enter the name of the Atelier project where you want to put the imported files, or use the Browse button to select a project.
  5. Select the check box Overwrite files if you want the import process to replace files already in the project that have the same name.

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