serial class %ResultSet.MD.ObjectId extends %SerialObject


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columnName exportCall extentName

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• property columnName as %Integer;
columnName is the name of the column or property whose values reference objects in an extent. That means that this expression can be used to return an object reference: set objectRef = $classmethod(,"%OpenId",rs.%Get())
• property exportCall as %String(MAXLEN="");
exportCall is the tag^routine() expression that implements the object export for a given object ID. The following code will export an instance of extentName: set %rowid = rs.%Get(), %nolock = 0 do @
• property extentName as %String(MAXLEN=255);
extentName is the name of the extent in which the value of columnNbr is an instance. This is a class name but the object referenced can be an instance of a more specific subclass of extentName.
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