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datatype class %Library.Counter extends %Library.Integer


%Library.Counter is a datatype class that extends %Library.Integer. It does not override any inherited behavior.

Any property whose type class is %Library.Counter will be assigned a value on insert if no value is specified. The counter value is assigned by incrementing a counter that is defined in the storage definition of the class. The default counter location is the same as the DATALOCATION default but with a "C" suffix instead of a "D". Individual counters are located in the COUNTERLOCATION subscripted by the property name.

The value of a counter property is assigned automatically only when a new object is inserted into the database, either using Objects or an SQL INSERT statement. No value is assigned if a value is specified. If a value is specified and that value is greater than the current counter value then the value of the counter is set to the property's value.

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