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abstract class EnsLib.RecordMap.ComplexMap

Method Inventory


parameter BATCHCLASS;


classmethod DeleteComplexMap(pComplexMap As %String = "", pRemoveTargetClass As %Boolean = 0, pRemoveTargetExtent As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Delete an existing Complex RecordMap, and optionally delete the target class definition and the target class's extent. The option to remove the extent is only evaluated if the target class is also being deleted, otherwise the option is ignored.
classmethod GetBatch(pIOStream As %IO.DeviceStream, pTimeout As %Numeric = -1, Output pBatch As EnsLib.RecordMap.ComplexBatch, ByRef pLookAhead As %String = "") as %Status
method OutputWholeBatch(pIOStream As %IO.DeviceStream, pRecordMap As %String, pUnSwizzleRecords As %Boolean = 1) as %Status
Write out the batch header, all the records in the batch, and then the batch trailer