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class %EM.Instance extends %Library.RegisteredObject, %XML.Adaptor

The %EM.Instance class represents an Enterprise Manager instance for the remote API

Property Inventory


property GUID as %String;
Instance GUID
Property methods: GUIDDisplayToLogical(), GUIDGet(), GUIDIsValid(), GUIDLogicalToDisplay(), GUIDLogicalToOdbc(), GUIDNormalize(), GUIDSet()
property GroupList as %String (MAXLEN = 1024);
Comma separated list of names of groups which manage this instance.
Property methods: GroupListDisplayToLogical(), GroupListGet(), GroupListIsValid(), GroupListLogicalToDisplay(), GroupListLogicalToOdbc(), GroupListNormalize(), GroupListSet()
property InstanceData as %EM.InstanceData;
Descriptive data associated with the instance
Property methods: InstanceDataGet(), InstanceDataGetSwizzled(), InstanceDataIsValid(), InstanceDataNewObject(), InstanceDataSet()
property Name as %String (MAXLEN = 128);
Instance name for this instance :.
Property methods: NameDisplayToLogical(), NameGet(), NameIsValid(), NameLogicalToDisplay(), NameLogicalToOdbc(), NameNormalize(), NameSet()
property ServiceList as %String (MAXLEN = 1024);
Comma separated list of names of services for which this instance is managed.
Property methods: ServiceListDisplayToLogical(), ServiceListGet(), ServiceListIsValid(), ServiceListLogicalToDisplay(), ServiceListLogicalToOdbc(), ServiceListNormalize(), ServiceListSet()
property State as %Integer;
State of managed instance as described in
$$$EMSCStateAwaitingAccept - A management request made, but not yet accepted or rejected
$$$EMSCStateManaged - This instance is currently actively managed by EM
$$$EMSCStateSuspended - Suspended
$$$EMSCStateNotUpdated - Managed but not updated
$$$EMSCStateRejected - This instance has been rejected for management
$$$EMSCStateRemoved - This instance has been removed from management
Property methods: StateDisplayToLogical(), StateGet(), StateIsValid(), StateLogicalToDisplay(), StateNormalize(), StateSet(), StateXSDToLogical()

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