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class %EM.ServiceData extends %Library.RegisteredObject, %XML.Adaptor

%EM.ServiceData is an array of Properties for a Class of Service settings. This is used in the CreateObject, GetObject and ModifyObject methods. The 'key' of each Property is the Property name, and the value of the element becomes the value of the named Property in the Class.

For example, to create a Database in the Namespace Service:
  set data=##class(%EM.ServiceData).%New()
  do data.Properties.SetAt("C:\Cache\ems2\mgr\test" ,"Directory")
  do session.CreateObject("Group1","Namespace","Databases","TEST",data)

Note that most Service settings are simple %String properties, but there are a few exceptions. The following complex property types are supported using delimited strings:

- Lists: as comma-delimited lists
- Arrays: as a comma-delimited list of "Key:Value" strings
- Child objects: as a comma-delimited list of objects with ":" delimited Properties, e.g. propA1:propB1,propA2:propB2,...

Property Inventory


property Properties as array of %String);
The array of Properties for an object
Property methods: PropertiesBuildValueArray(), PropertiesCollectionToDisplay(), PropertiesCollectionToOdbc(), PropertiesDisplayToCollection(), PropertiesDisplayToLogical(), PropertiesGet(), PropertiesGetObject(), PropertiesGetObjectId(), PropertiesGetSwizzled(), PropertiesIsValid(), PropertiesLogicalToDisplay(), PropertiesLogicalToOdbc(), PropertiesNormalize(), PropertiesOdbcToCollection(), PropertiesSet(), PropertiesSetObject(), PropertiesSetObjectId()

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