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class %EM.Update extends %Library.RegisteredObject, %XML.Adaptor

The %EM.Update class describes the current status of a background Update or Activation. As some Activations can be done by JOBs on the Instances, it may be necessary to periodically check the status to see if its finished and successful.

Property Inventory


property Errors as array of %String);
An array of error strings for all Instances involved in the Activation.
Property methods: ErrorsBuildValueArray(), ErrorsCollectionToDisplay(), ErrorsCollectionToOdbc(), ErrorsDisplayToCollection(), ErrorsDisplayToLogical(), ErrorsGet(), ErrorsGetObject(), ErrorsGetObjectId(), ErrorsGetSwizzled(), ErrorsIsValid(), ErrorsLogicalToDisplay(), ErrorsLogicalToOdbc(), ErrorsNormalize(), ErrorsOdbcToCollection(), ErrorsSet(), ErrorsSetObject(), ErrorsSetObjectId()
property Finished as %Boolean;
Activation has finished
Property methods: FinishedDisplayToLogical(), FinishedGet(), FinishedIsValid(), FinishedLogicalToDisplay(), FinishedLogicalToXSD(), FinishedNormalize(), FinishedSet(), FinishedXSDToLogical()
property SyncError as %String);
The first error reported from an Instance during a synchronized Activation. If this is null, and the Activation is Finished, then it has been successful. For services which do synchronized Activation, failure on one Instance will cause all Instances to fail. So, the first error reported may be significant.
Property methods: SyncErrorDisplayToLogical(), SyncErrorGet(), SyncErrorIsValid(), SyncErrorLogicalToDisplay(), SyncErrorLogicalToOdbc(), SyncErrorNormalize(), SyncErrorSet()

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