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persistent class %iKnow.Stemming.Rule extends %Persistent

Table to which custom disambiguation rules can be added to influence the default stemmer class (%iKnow.Stemming.DefaultStemmer). See also %iKnow.Stemming.Utils.


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Entity LanguageCode Plugin Replace Spec
Type Value

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• property Entity as %String(MAXLEN=200);
For advanced exceptions, this value should appear in the entity being stemmed for the rule to apply.
• property LanguageCode as %String(MAXLEN=2) [ Required ];
Language for which this rules holds
• property Plugin as %String(VALUELIST=",All,Hunspell") [ Required ];
The plugin to which this rule applies (use "All" for all plugin types)
• property Replace as %String(MAXLEN=100) [ Required ];
For exceptions, what to replace Value with
• property Spec as %String(VALUELIST=",Relation,Concept,NoRelation,NoConcept");
Specification of the rule, whether it applies (only) to concepts or relationships. When type=Exception: the role of the entity in which case the exception applies. When type'=Exception: whether tems satisfying this rule are Not-a-Concept or Not-a-Relation
• property Type as %String(VALUELIST=",Exception,Ending,Affix") [ Required ];
Type of disambiguation rule
• property Value as %String(MAXLEN=100) [ Required ];
Value of the exception or ending this rule represents