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persistent class EnsLib.DICOM.Process extends EnsLib.PrivateSession.Process

This is the superclass for user-define DICOM business processes


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This is an Ensemble Business Process class.

%Library.Persistent Ens.Response

%ConfigName %ConfigQueueName %CurrentResponseHeader %IsCompleted
%IsInPrivateSession %IsTerminated %IsTimerInterrupted %LastActionTime
%LastHandledTime %LastReportedError %MasterPendingResponses %MasterPendingResponsesOld
%MessagesReceived %MessagesReceivedOld %MessagesSent %MessagesSentOld
%PrimaryRequestHeader %PrimaryResponseHeader %QuitTask %RepliedStatus
%SessionId %StatusCode %SuperSession %TimeCompleted
%TimeCreated %WarnedLatest %isShadow %request
%response %responseClassName %responseId Adapter
AlertGroups AlertOnError AlertRetryGracePeriod BusinessPartner
FailureTimeout InactivityTimeout QueueCountAlert QueueWaitAlert
ReplyCodeActions Retry RetryInterval ServiceDuplexName
SuspendMessage ThrottleDelay

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%Save %SaveDirect %SaveIndices %SerializeObject
%SetModified %SortBegin %SortEnd %SuperSessionSet
%SyncObjectIn %SyncTransport %UnlockExtent %UnlockId
%ValidateIndices %ValidateObject AbortAssociation AdapterName
AssignOneSetting ClearAllPendingResponses DeferResponse EnumerateSettingsClose
EnumerateSettingsExecute EnumerateSettingsFetch EstablishAssociation GenerateSuperSession
GetDeferredResponseToken GetProductionSettingValue GetProductionSettings GetPropertyConnections
GetSettings GetShadowInstance IsInPrivateSession IsInPrivateSessionSet
IsResponsePending OnAssociationAborted OnAssociationErrored OnAssociationEstablished
OnAssociationRejected OnAssociationReleased OnComplete OnDetermineTransferSyntax
OnError OnFailureTimeout OnGenerateSuperSession OnGetConnections
OnGetReplyAction OnInit OnKeepalive OnMessage
OnMonitor OnProductionStart OnProductionStop OnRequest
OnResponse OnTearDown OnTimeout QueueName
ReleaseAssociation RemovePendingResponse Reply ReplyError
ScheduleWakeupCall SendAlert SendDeferredResponse SendRequestAsync
SendRequestSync SetTimer StartPrivateSession StopAllPrivateSessions
StopPrivateSession UnRegisterPrivateSession


• method AbortAssociation(pDuplexConfigName As %String, pInput As EnsLib.DICOM.Command.Abort) as %Status
This method can be called to ABORT an association, typically in response to an ABORT received from an external device
• method EstablishAssociation(pDuplexConfigName As %String) as %Status
• method OnAssociationAborted(pSourceConfigName As %String, pInput As EnsLib.DICOM.Notify.Aborted) as %Status
This callback is called by the framework when an association is aborted
• method OnAssociationErrored(pSourceConfigName As %String, pInput As EnsLib.DICOM.Notify.Errored) as %Status
This callback is called by the framework when an assocation encounters an error
• method OnAssociationEstablished(pSourceConfigName As %String, pInput As EnsLib.DICOM.Notify.Established) as %Status
This call back is called by the framework when an Association is established
• method OnAssociationRejected(pSourceConfigName As %String, pInput As EnsLib.DICOM.Notify.Rejected) as %Status
This callback is called by the framework when an Association is rejected
• method OnAssociationReleased(pSourceConfigName As %String, pInput As EnsLib.DICOM.Notify.Released) as %Status
This callback is called by the framework when an Association is released
• method OnDetermineTransferSyntax(Output pTransferSyntax="") as %Status
Use this method to dynamically configure the transfer syntax for outbound connections to DICOM peers. The transfer syntax now supports a comma delimted list of transfer syntaxes
• method OnError(request As %Library.Persistent, ByRef response As %Library.Persistent, callrequest As %Library.Persistent, pErrorStatus As %Status, pCompletionKey As %String) as %Status
This method is called when an error response is received Returning the same error will cause the BusinessProcess to set its status to error and close down Returning $$$OK from this method causes the BusinessProcess to recover from this error
• method OnMessage(pSourceConfigName As %String, pInput As %Library.Persistent) as %Status
A message has been received from the service/operation, typically these are instances of EnsLib.DICOM.Document. Its the responsbility of the subclass to handle these messages
• method ReleaseAssociation(pDuplexConfigName) as %Status
This method can be called to release a previously established association with the operations peer
• method ScheduleWakeupCall(pTimeout As %Integer) as %Status