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class EnsLib.UDDI.FindBusiness extends EnsLib.UDDI.Finder

This class is used to locate a list of Business entries which match a given set of criteria


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
7 7


CategoryBag DiscoveryUrls FindQualifiers FindRelatedBusinesses
FindTModel IdentifierBag MaxRows Name
TModelBag Timeout

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• property CategoryBag as EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.categoryBag;
By default, if the CategoryBag property of a FindBusiness object is non-empty, the Send method of the FindBusiness object retrieves only those BusinessInfo objects that match all of the category references. You can specify that the BusinessInfo objects can match any of the category references by including the OrAllKeys field in the FindQualifiers property.
• property DiscoveryUrls as EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.discoveryURLs;
Contains a list of URLs to be matched against the discovery URL data that is associated with registered business entity information.
• property FindRelatedBusinesses as EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.findrelatedBusinesses;
Contains a FindRelatedBusinessObject
• property FindTModel as EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.findtModel;
Contains a FindTModel object
• property IdentifierBag as EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.identifierBag;
Contains a list of business identifiers
• property Name as list of EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.name;
Contains a list of business names to match. The percent (%) character is a wildcard character, matching any number of characters.
• property TModelBag as EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.tModelBag;
Contains a collection of UUIDs that is assigned to the tModels that are used to locate an appropriate business


• method AddCategory(pTModelKey As EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.tModelKey, pKeyName As %String, pKeyValue As %String) as %Status
Helper method to add a category
• method AddDiscoveryURL(pUseType As %String, pURL As %String) as %Status
Helper method to add a discovery URL
• method AddIdentifier(pTModelKey As EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.tModelKey, pKeyName As %String, pKeyValue As %String) as %Status
Helper method to add an identifier
• method AddName(pName As %String, pLang As %String = ..#Language) as %Status
Helper method to add a name
• method AddTModelKey(pKey As EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.tModelKey) as %Status
Helper method to add a TModel key
• method Send(pConnection As EnsLib.UDDI.Connection, pListHead As %Integer = 0, Output pListDescription As EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.listDescription, Output pBusinessInfos As %ListOfObjects(ELEMENTTYPE="EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.businessInfo"), Output pTruncated As %Boolean) as %Status
Sends the FindBusiness request to the UDDI Server. Returns as output a list of BusinessInfo objects matching the request criteria. Many UDDI servers restrict the number of matching BusinessInfos that they return for a find request. If your find request exceeds the number set by a UDDI server, the result is truncated. The pTruncated output parameter will be set to TRUE (1)
• classmethod Test(pConnection As EnsLib.UDDI.Connection, pName As %String) as %Status