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class java.time.LocalTime extends java.lang.Object, java.time.temporal.Temporal, java.time.temporal.TemporalAdjuster, java.lang.Comparable, java.io.Serializable


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• parameter IMPORTTIMESTAMP = "1969-12-31 16:00:00.0";
• parameter MAX = "23:59:59.999999999";
• parameter MIDNIGHT = "00:00";
• parameter MIN = "00:00";
• parameter NOON = "12:00";


• method adjustInto(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method atDate(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method atOffset(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method compareTo(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method equals(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method format(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• classmethod from(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method get(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method getHour() as %ObjectHandle
• method getLong(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method getMinute() as %ObjectHandle
• method getNano() as %ObjectHandle
• method getSecond() as %ObjectHandle
• method hashCode() as %ObjectHandle
• method isAfter(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method isBefore(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method isSupported(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method minus(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method minusHours(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method minusMinutes(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method minusNanos(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method minusSeconds(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• classmethod now(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• classmethod of(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p2 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p3 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p4 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• classmethod ofNanoOfDay(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• classmethod ofSecondOfDay(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• classmethod parse(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p2 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method plus(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method plusHours(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method plusMinutes(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method plusNanos(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method plusSeconds(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method query(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method range(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method toNanoOfDay() as %ObjectHandle
• method toSecondOfDay() as %ObjectHandle
• method toString() as %ObjectHandle
• method truncatedTo(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method until(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method with(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method withHour(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method withMinute(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method withNano(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
• method withSecond(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle