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POST /Info/Pivots
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Returns information about the pivot tables available in the Caché namespace that you access via this REST call.
URL Parameters
Request Body Details
This service uses the following property of the request body:
BASECUBE Optional. If specified, this property should equal the logical name of a cube. In this case, the server sends information only about pivot tables based on this cube.
Example Request
Example Response
          {"fullName":"Calculated Members\/Alternative Avg Allergy Count",
           "name":"Alternative Avg Allergy Count",
           "lastModified":"2016-11-14 11:22:08",
          {"fullName":"Calculated Members\/Average Patient Count per Decade",
           "name":"Average Patient Count per Decade",
           "lastModified":"2016-11-14 11:22:08",
In the response object, the Result property contains a property called Pivots, which contains an array of objects, one for each pivot table.
For information that applies to all response objects, see the discussion at the start of this reference.