Ensemble DICOM Development Guide
Sample DICOM Router Productions
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The ENSDEMO namespace has two productions that demonstrate a synchronous and an asynchronous router. These are named Demo.DICOM.Production.Router and Demo.DICOM.Production.AsyncRouter. These productions demonstrate how a user can route DICOM documents through Ensemble. Typically, DICOM uses synchronous messaging, but, in some cases, there are advantages to using an asynchronous router.

Synchronous DICOM Router
The synchronous DICOM router production, Demo.DICOM.Production.Router, completes sending a message to the targets before it can accept another message. The following describes the flow of messages in the Router production:
Asynchronous DICOM Router
The asynchronous DICOM message Listener can continue to receive messages while the production is processing previous messages. The following describes the flow of messages in the AsyncRouter production:

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