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Enabling %ETN Logging
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Enabling %ETN Logging
The Event Log automatically includes partial information about system-level exceptions (including exceptions in your code). These Event Log entries end as follows by default:
-- logged as '-' number - @' quit arg1/arg2 }'
To get more complete information about such errors:
  1. Set the ^Ens.Debug("LogETN") global node to any value.
    This causes Ensemble to record additional details for system-level exceptions.
  2. Rerun the code that you think caused the exception (for example, resend messages).
  3. Recheck the Event Log, which now contains entries that end as follows:
    -- logged as '25 Sep 2012' number 15 @' quit arg1/arg2 }'
    This information refers to an entry in the Application Error Log — specifically it refers to error 15 in the Application Error Log for 25 September 2012.
  4. Then to examine these exceptions, you can either:

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