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Defining Data Transformations
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This chapter discusses data transformations. It includes the following topics:

A data transformation creates a new message that is a transformation of another message. When you transform a message, your data transformation sends a new message body that is a transformation of the original. Some of the transformations that occur during this process can include:
Defining DTL Transformations
A DTL transformation is a class based on Ens.DataTransformDTL. In this case, you can create and edit the transformation visually in the DTL editor, which you can access in the Management Portal or in Studio. The DTL editor is meant for use by nontechnical users. See Developing DTL Transformations.
Defining Custom Transformations
A custom transformation is a subclass of Ens.DataTransform that specifies:
Each assignment operation consists of a call to the Ens.DataTransform class method Transform(). The argument is a simple expression that is evaluated to provide the value for one of the properties in the output class. The language of the expression can be Caché Basic or ObjectScript, and the expression can contain: