Managing Ensemble
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Preface : 
Chapter 1: 
1.1 Background for System Administrators
1.2 Introduction to Ensemble Management
1.3 Introduction to the Management Portal
1.4 Getting Started with the Management Portal
1.5 Viewing Summaries for Active Productions
Chapter 2: 
2.1 Starting a Production
2.2 Stopping a Production
2.3 Managing Production Auto-Start
2.4 Overriding the Production Auto-Start Options in All Namespaces
2.5 Redeploying a Live Production
2.6 Displaying the Deployment History
Chapter 3: 
3.1 First-time Purges
3.2 Purging Data Manually
3.3 Purging Data Periodically
Chapter 4: 
4.1 Archive Basics
4.2 Archiving Data
4.3 Default Behavior
Chapter 5: 
5.1 Introduction to the Workflow Menu
5.2 Managing Workflow Roles
5.3 Managing Workflow Users
5.4 Managing Workflow Tasks
       5.4.1 Other Details
5.5 Viewing the Assigned Tasks
Chapter 6: 
6.1 Publish and Subscribe Overview
       6.1.1 Messages
       6.1.2 Topics
       6.1.3 Subscribers
       6.1.4 Subscriptions
6.2 Implementing Publish and Subscribe Message Routing
6.3 Technical Details
Chapter 7: 
7.1 Separate Databases for Routines and Globals
7.2 Productions and Namespaces
7.3 Where Ensemble Stores Credentials Passwords
7.4 Where Ensemble Stores Temporary Data
Appendix A: 
A.1 Introduction
A.2 Predefined Ensemble Resources
A.3 Predefined Ensemble Roles
A.4 Default Privileges of the Predefined Ensemble Roles
A.5 Default SQL Privileges of the Predefined Ensemble Roles
A.6 Customizing Ensemble Security
Appendix B: 
B.1 Configure Menu
B.2 Build Menu
B.3 View Menu
B.4 List Menu
B.5 Monitor Menu
B.6 Manage Menu
B.7 Interoperate Menu
B.8 Test Menu

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