Ensemble Release Notes
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Preface : 
Chapter 1: 
Chapter 2: 
2.1 Browser Pop-up Blocker Interferes with Portal Functions
2.2 EnsLib.HL7.Segment GetValueAt() 32-KB Limitation
2.3 Internet Explorer 9 Restriction
2.4 Enterprise Message Viewer Display Issue with Older Versions of Internet Explorer
2.5 Failure to Add Imported Rules Exported from Prior Versions to a Studio Project
2.6 Message Browser Search With TimeCreated Property
2.7 Business Rule Export and Import
2.8 HL7 Schema Errors
2.9 BPL Scope within Loop Restriction
2.10 Access to DeepSee Dashboard Pages Not Enabled by Default
2.11 Inbound Ports May Conflict with Operating System Ephemeral Ports
2.12 Cannot Do Recursive Copies If Source and Target Have Different Types
2.13 Error Saving Credentials is Not Reported to User
2.14 Productions and Namespaces
2.15 Order of Compiling Custom Function Used in Rules
2.16 Cannot Use Some %CSP.REST Features in EnsLib.REST.Service
Chapter 3: 

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