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Viewing the Business Rule Log
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The Business Rule Log is a persistent record of business rules that have been executed, their respective results, and reasons for the result.

To access this page from the Management Portal, click Ensemble > View > Business Rule Log. Or click Rule Log in the ribbon bar of the Business Process List page.
This chapter describes this page and how to use it. It contains the following sections:
The Business Rule Log page is divided into the following three panes where you can perform the indicated functions:
Left Middle Right
Enter search and purge criteria View the executed rule list View rule execution details
You can expand and collapse the right and left panes as desired using the double arrow icons.
There are four commands in the ribbon bar of the Rule Log page:
Entering Search and Purge Criteria
The left pane permits you to enter search and purge criteria to filter the list of rules.
There are two types of search:
You can also remove entries from the rule log as described in the following section:
Quick Search
Enter the following values to filter the executed rule list:
As you enter values in these fields the middle pane display updates to reflect your entries.
Search Rules By
You can filter what entries display in the list by entering values in one or more of the following fields:
Once you enter new search criteria, click Search in the ribbon bar to refresh the list accordingly.
Purge Rule Log
You can purge the rule log by entering the number of days to keep the entries and then clicking Purge. The Current Count is a read-only field displaying the number of entries in the rule log. If you want to purge all entries in the log, enter 0 in the Days field.
Viewing the Executed Rule List
Each time a business process executes or “fires” a rule, Ensemble writes an entry to the Business Rule Log stating the details of what happened. You can view this log on the Business Rule Log page of the Management Portal. The list displays the following information for each business rule log entry:
You can also perform the following actions on a selected rule:
Viewing Rule Execution Details
You can select a log entry to view the details of that particular execution of the rule. Select a row in the middle pane and the expanded right pane displays the following informational fields:
Execution ID
Unique identifier for this rule execution.
Session ID
Unique identifier for the session that is (or was) associated with this execution of this rule. A session marks the beginning and end of all the activities prompted by a primary request message from outside Ensemble.
Time Executed
Date and time when this rule was executed.
Rule Name
Name of the rule definition class that was executed.
Rule Set
Name of the rule set that was executed.
Specific rule name that cause the rules engine to generate the result. If a business rule is empty or undefined, the reason is Rule Missing.
Displays Yes or No depending on whether the execution of the rule resulted in an error.
Error Message
If the rules engine returns an error, then this is the text associated with the error.
Return Value
Value returned by the rules engine for this rule.
Activity Name
Name assigned to the <rule> activity in the BPL code.
Effective Begin Date/Time
Effective begin date and time of the executed rule set.
Effective End Date/Time
Effective end date and time of the executed rule set.
These informational values correspond to properties of the Ens.Rule.Log class, which you can view in the Class Reference.
From the right pane, you can perform the following actions on the selected rule:

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