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About This Book

This book describes how to optimize performance of Caché SQL. Caché SQL provides standard relational access to data stored within a Caché database.
The book addresses the following topics:
  • Defining and Building Indices” describes how to define and build indices.
  • Optimizing SQL Tables” describes ways that you can optimize access to the data in your Caché SQL tables.
  • Cached Queries” describes how Caché SQL retains recent queries in a cache, enabling rapid execution and sharing of defined queries.
  • Optimizing SQL Queries” describes ways that you can optimize the performance of your Caché SQL queries.
  • Interpreting an SQL Query Plan” gives tips on understanding the results of a “show plan” for an SQL query.
  • SQL Statements” describes how you can view all executed SQL statements; queries provide performance statistics.
  • Frozen Plans” describes how you can view and freeze SQL query plans.
For a detailed outline, see the Table of Contents.
This book supplements the following:
For general information, see Using InterSystems Documentation.
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