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This book describes how to use the built-in components that Zen provides for laying out tables, charts, forms, menus, dialogs, and other items for web applications.

This book contains the following sections:
There is also a detailed table of contents.
The following books provide related information:
For general information, see Using InterSystems Documentation.
Zen Attribute Data Types
Many attributes of Zen objects have one of the following underlying data types:
Zen Component Event Handlers
Many Zen components have attributes with names that begin with “on...”. These attributes identify event handlers for the component. The value of the attribute is a client-side JavaScript expression that Zen invokes when the related event occurs. This expression generally invokes a client-side JavaScript method defined in the page class. This method is the “handler” for the event.
When providing a value for an event-handler attribute, use double quotes to enclose the value and single quotes (if needed) within the JavaScript expression. For example:
<svgFrame ondragCanvas="alert('HEY');"/>
The JavaScript expression can contain Zen #()# runtime expressions.

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