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Introducing Zen
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Welcome to Zen!

The Zen application framework provides a simple way to rapidly create complex, data-rich web applications by assembling pre-built object components. These components automatically create standard HTML and JavaScript needed to render complex web applications. Moreover, they provide a common object model that is shared between the user’s browser and the application logic running on the server.
Zen is based on the successful Caché Server Page (CSP) and Caché Object Database technologies from InterSystems. These technologies offer a robust, scalable, and portable platform for hosting web applications. Zen does not replace or deprecate Caché Server Pages in any way. Instead, Zen makes the development of web-based applications easier while building upon the basic features provided by CSP: performance, data access, security, localization, and configuration.
The Zen Demo
Zen includes a sample application, which you can try out as follows:
  1. Start your browser. You may use Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  2. Enter this URI:
    Where 57772 is the web server port number that you have assigned to Caché.
    If you are unsure of the port number, start the Management Portal. At the top of the page, click About. View the Web Server Port setting.
Supported Browsers
For the official list of supported browsers, see the online InterSystems Supported Platforms document for this release.
InterSystems works to ensure that Zen complies with the industry standards that make compatibility possible across multiple browsers. These standards include XML, HTML, JavaScript, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). As long as browsers offer differing levels of support for these standards, layout differences between them are unavoidable. To avoid surprises, test layout results in more than one browser before completing your design.
The Zen Community
The Zen Community is an online forum where Zen users can find information, get questions answered, and share code and experiences. Membership is open to InterSystems customers and employees. The Zen Community provides a library of reusable Zen components and code examples and an archive of questions and answers submitted by its members.
The Zen Community uses Google Groups. Users that wish to participate must create a Google Groups Account. To access the Zen Community, use this URI:
Benefits of Zen
The benefits of using Zen include:
Background Reading
Before using Zen, you need a good understanding of the following topics:

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