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Work with DDL statements and with DDL files.
Background Information
Generically, DDL means “data definition language,” which refers to syntax for defining data structures. SQL provides a set of statements for this purpose, and they are known collectively as SQL DDL. A DDL file is a text file that contains a series of these statements.
Available Tools
Caché SQL
Caché SQL includes support for SQL DDL. For information, see the following chapters of Using Caché SQL:
These chapters discuss DDL as one of the techniques for defining tables and views.
Availability: All namespaces.
Includes the following class methods for working with DDL files:
Some of these methods require specific permissions.
Availability: All namespaces.
The special variable $SYSTEM is bound to the %SYSTEM package. This means that (for ObjectScript) instead of ##class(%SYSTEM.class).method(), you can use $SYSTEM.class.method().
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