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Merges array elements from source to target.
Merge target=source
The Merge statement has the following parameters:
source The name of the variable, typically an array, which should be merged into the target variable.
target The name of the variable into which the contents of source should be merged.
Nodes in the source variable overwrite corresponding nodes in the target variable, and all descendents of source overwrite corresponding descendents of target. All other target nodes are unchanged. The only difference between Copy and Merge is that Copy deletes the target nodes, and Merge does not.
Erase source, target

target(1) = "node 1"
target(1,1) = "node 1,1"
target(2) = "node 2"
target(3,1) = "node 3,1"
source(3,2) = "node 3,2"

Merge target=source

Println Exists(target(3,1)) 'is still defined, returns 1
Println Exists(target(3,2)) 'does now exist, returns 1
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