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Executes a DLL function indexed using $ZF(-4).
dll_index A user-specified index to a DLL filename in the DLL index tables, from $ZF(-4).
func_ID Optional — The ID value of the function within the DLL as supplied by $ZF(-4). If omitted, call verifies the validity of DLL_index, loads the image, and returns the image location.
args Optional — The argument(s) to pass to the function, if any, specified as a comma-separated list.
$ZF(-6) provides a fast Dynamic Link Library (DLL) function interface using a user-defined index for a DLL filename. You establish this user-defined index in $ZF(-4) by assigning an integer (dll_index) to uniquely associate with a dll_name. You can place this entry in either a process DLL index table, or a system DLL index table.
Both $ZF(-5) and $ZF(-6) can be used to execute a function from a DLL. which has been located by $ZF(-4).
For a detailed description of how to use $ZF(-6), refer to Using $ZF(-6) to Access Libraries by User Index in Using the Caché Callout Gateway.
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