Caché Parameter File Reference
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Device types.
[Devices]    Name=a^b^c^d^e^f^g^h
Each entry provides eight up-arrow (^) values that define a device. The maximum length of all strings is 128 characters, except for the Description string, which can be up to 256 characters. From left to right:
In the [Devices] section, each entry Name=a^b^c^d^e^f^g^h^i appears all on one line:
0=0^TRM^C-Terminal^^^^Principal device^
2=2^SPL^PK-DEC^^^^Spool LA120^
47=47^MT^M/UX^^("auv":0:2048)^^Magnetic tape^
48=48^MT^M/UX^^("avl":0:2048)^^Magnetic tape^
57=57^BT^M/UX^^("auv":0:2048)^^Magnetic tape^
58=58^BT^M/UX^^("avl":0:2048)^^Magnetic tape^
SPOOL=2^SPL^PK-DEC^^^^Spool LA120^
TERM=0^TRM^C-Terminal^^^^Windows Console^
|PRN|=|PRN|^OTH^P-DEC^^"W"^^Windows Printer^
|TNT|=0^TRM^C-VT220^^^^Principal device^
|TRM|=0^TRM^C-Terminal^^^^Windows Console^
Range of Values
As described above. The maximum length of strings is 128 characters, except for Description, which can be 256 characters.
Management Portal
On the page System Administration > Configuration > Device Settings > Devices is a list of existing devices. Select Create New Device, Edit, or Delete to modify the list.

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