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This topic describes the parameters found in the [MirrorMember] section of the CPF file.

  • AgentAddress – Not in use.
  • AsyncMemberGUID – AsyncMemberGUIDAsync member GUID
  • AsyncMemberType – AsyncMemberTypeIndicates async type of DR, read-only, or read-write.
  • AsyncUseSystemPurgeInterval – Indicates how mirror journal files are purged on the reporting async member.
  • JoinMirror – JoinMirrorDetermines whether the instance processes its mirror configuration at startup.
  • SystemName – SystemNameMirror member name.
  • ValidatedMember – ValidatedMemberDetermines whether the instance should join the mirror in its previous role or obtain its new role from the current primary before joining the mirror.
  • VirtualAddressInterface – VirtualAddressInterfaceLocal interface to primary virtual IPaddress.